I'm a Front End UI Developer, focused on producing an elegant and solid codebase. I think client-side always with performance vs usability in mind.
Usually I work closely with designers to steer and develop a site’s visual grammar in a way that’s both visually appealing and maintainable, I strongly believe that a clean and scalable codebase comes only from clean and scalable designs.
My target is always to deliver complex interfaces using the most simple and elegant approach possible, I believe this strongly improves performance at all levels. Less bugs, simpler testing, less training time, easier to scale.

Professional capabilities

  • High-quality frontEnd development of web sites and web apps
  • Modular, scalable, robust, and reusable code
  • Web performance optimization, progressive enhancement, usability, and accessibility
  • User interface, experience and pleasure(have fun) focused development
  • Overall planning and technological FE architecture
  • Bridge the gap from visual design to the server side at a very high level
  • Constant search of the ultimate performance
  • Development focused on progressive enhancement

Technical capabilities

  • Code HTML with solid understanding of HTML & HTML5 related APIs
  • Best practices in w3c standards and semantics
  • Code CSS like a surgeon, implement complex oocss methodologies and kill cross-browser quirks
  • Use SASS, LESS or whatever people invent to go around the lack of common understanding and innovation from browser vendors
  • Write solid plain javascript(ECMAScript), the DOM or/and in the context of jQuery, ext.'s, senchaTouch, dojo and others. Currently going deep on AngularJs
  • Implementation of WAI-ARIA & UI
  • Use Git, svn or others to share code with the team in the most agile way
  • Deploy mobile apps using phoneGap for iOS, android and blackberry
  • Extreme ModX knowledge, experienced in WordPress and ExpressionEngine
  • Familiar with backEnd technologies and programming languages(php, ruby, .net framework etc. )

Professional interests

  • Front-end web development and research for desktop mobile clients or any device that runs a browser
  • Open web standards
  • Web performance
  • Love WebKit based Browsers and the way they are driving the industry
  • Web usability and accessibility
  • API architecture

Relevant Work experience

  • March 2016 ≫ Present - EvBox
    • Front End Senior Web UI Developer
    • Design and build the next generation of EV charging management UI
  • August 2015 ≫ March 2016 - Backbase NL
    • Front End Principal Web Developer
    • Layout FE best practices for the department
    • Technical lead ( FE wise) on integrating AngularJs and others with Backbase portal, mostly on transactional interfaces for banking, finance and insurance industries
    • Updating senior colleagues and clients on Backbase technologies and general FE integration
    • Mobile stakeholder for the department
  • May 2012 ≫ August 2015 - Backbase NL
    • Front End Senior Web Developer
    • Layout FE best practices for the company and specific projects
    • Technical lead ( FE wise) on integrating AngularJs and others with Backbase portal, mostly on transactional interfaces for banking, finance and insurance industries
    • Training new colleagues and clients on Backbase technologies and general FE integration
    • Prototyping Homebanking Web interfaces for desktop and mobile
    • Help the formers to become POC's or real products, deliver and integrate with the final customer
  • January 2011 ≫ April 2012 - Agap2 consulting
    • Lead Front End web Developer
    • Develop enterprise level web apps that can work offline and other similar wizardry
    • Develop a set of ui widgets used across the products we develop
    • Creation of the "best practices" list currently in use by the Solutions Delivery business unit and ensure these are followed
    • Organize internal short workshops and talks about frontEnd web development, standards and performance
    • Administer a course (30h) for backEnd developers to increase their awareness about the importance of writing good client side code, html, css and javascript
    • Work as outsourced consultant for several Agap2 customers, such as EuroRscg, Bond, Fullsix, YDreams etc..
  • 2006 ≫ 2011 - Conekto.pt
    • Independent web consultant
    • Provide web development services, mainly development of templates for ModX, Wordpress and ExpressionEngine
    • Work for end customers and digital agencies of reference, Optimus, Finepaper, Concipio, Embria and others
    • Link agencies to customers and designers
    • Research and development on new frontEnd techniques

Other work

  • Development of an webApp called Marés, tides in Portuguese. Made with SenchaTouch and wrapped in Phonegap(have to update this one for ios7 look and remove this old Sencha dependence)
  • Published in the appStore and selling


  • I'm mainly a self-taught professional
  • I also learn from training other people
  • IPFEL - Web & GraphicDesign - 1999 ≫ 2001 - HTML/CSS/Javascript/Adobe/Macromedia suite
  • Gago Coutinho college - 1993 ≫ 1997 - Electronics

Availability status

Currently I'm too busy to engage in freelance projects. Please only contact me if it is a small project, for example if you need help with css, like optimizing or solving something you are having a hard time with.
I'm happily employed, but if you think I could be a good help to your team, just drop an email and we can chat about it.